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Acapulco Bay by night


Acapulco was once THE playground of the rich and famous and upon visiting it, you'll see why. In addition to the beautiful beaches where activities abound, Acapulco's nightlife is legendary. There is no place in the world that can compete with Acapulco's sophisticated dazzling discos and the choice of entertainment and restaurants. For your entertainment only, here is list of other famous honeymoon couples to grace Acapulco: U.S. President John Kennedy with Jacqueline, who years later visited with her second husband, Aristotle Onassis; Tyrone Power and Linda Christian; building giant, Donald Trump and now ex-wife Ivana.


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Warning 2/5/2013: Acapulco has been experiencing a spate of drug-related violence. You may want to consider other locations in Mexico for a honeymoon or destination wedding. Recently, a gang rape and robbery took place. See article:

Ancient artifacts prove Acapulco was inhabited by the Nahua Indians, predecessors of the Aztecs, around 3000 B.C. Acapulco was visited every summer by the Aztec Emperor Cuauhtemoc until conquered by the Spaniard Hernando Cortes when the Aztec Empire fell in 1521. The city retained its importance as a world trading port for the next 400 years and during that time became a haven for pirates including Sir Francis Drake. For those interested in the history of Acapulco, a visit to the San Diego Fort is a must! Other highlights of the area are:

  • La Quebrada-where fearless divers plunge 136 feet into the crashing Pacific below, it has been one of Mexico's famous attractions since the 1940's
  • The San Diego Fort-is a classic five-point fortress surrounded by a moat and was built between 1615 and 1617
  • Isla La Roqueta-is an island that has a unique zoo with lions, alligators, leopards, giraffes, zebras as well as an aviary and a serpentarium
  • Magico Mundo Marino-an aquarium, which has indoor and outdoor marine exhibits, as well as pools, two water slides, restaurant, scuba lessons, and snorkeling equipment rentals
  • Papagayo Park-has plenty of carnival rides, a beautiful aviary, tree-lined streets and life size replicas of a Manila galleon and the space shuttle Columbia
  • CiCi water park-water based amusement park with water slides, swimming pools with built in wave action and seals and dolphin shows
  • Guerrero Cultural Center-has a small archaeological museum as well as a gallery
Acapulco is located on the most southwestern tip of the Mexican Pacific Coast. This paradise is known for its nearly perfect weather. Unlike the Caribbean or Hawaii, and even other ports in Mexico, Acapulco's mountainous region is located far enough inland for the rains to come down in the late evening, frequently after midnight, allowing travelers plenty of opportunity for fun in the sun.
Water skiing, snorkeling & scuba-diving, sport fishing/deep Sea fishing, parasailing, wind surfing, jet skiing, shotover jet, golf, tennis, horseback riding, Jai-Alai, squash, paddle tennis (La Marina Century Resorts), bowling (Bowl Bahia), rafting - Bravo Town Acapulco
Climate and Weather
Acapulco's average annual temperature is 80º F (26ºC). Only the humidity varies with approximately 59 inches of rain annually. Tropical showers are short and usually fall at night, allowing visitors to make the most of each day. Any time of the year is a good time to visit Acapulco, but December through March is considered the ultimate season.

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Administrative Fees: U.S. $230
  • Waiting period: 2 days
  • Passport and birth certificate
  • A copy of tourist card or visa
  • Proof of divorce or death certificate
  • Citizens under age 18 need parent or guardian's consent
  • Names, addresses, ages, nationalities & tourist card numbers of four witnesses
  • A blood test is also required