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Port of Aruba


Honeymoon couples find romance and fun all day long and into the wee hours of the night in Aruba. The island is bright and breezy with year-round sunshine, amazing azure water, beaches that glitter by day and casinos that glitter by night. This Caribbean paradise offers you a colorful world away from home - with so much to do and it's the perfect place to do nothing at all. Relax on pristine beaches, scuba dive in the crystal clear waters, sail around the island to catch breathtaking views, visit natural bridges and pools or experience the island's winding roads on horseback or ATV. Great cuisine and nightlife keep you exhilarated long after the sun is gone. Aruba is definitely a top Caribbean honeymoon destination.

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  • Historical Museum-Situated in the oldest building in Aruba, Fort Zoutman and Willem 111 Tower, the historical museum offers a fascinating collection of articles from the island's earliest times through early Spanish and Dutch periods, and onwards to present times
  • Numismatic Museum-30,000 historic coins from Aruba and around the world
  • Archaeological Museum-In addition to ancient artifacts, pottery tools and art, this museum's five rooms exhibit giant earthen jars of which a few contain the remains of Aruba's original inhabitants
  • Theme Nights-take place at local establishments and on any given night, you can catch parties with themes such as Aruba's spectacular Carnival, the island's thrilling pirate history or the traditional favorite limbo night!
Aruba lies at the heart of the southern Caribbean, about two-and-a-half hours by air from Miami, Florida and 15 miles north of Venezuela. The island is 19.6 miles long, and six miles across at its widest point, with a total area of 70 square miles. The island itself is quite arid. With steady winds, and little rainfall, Aruba can be described as the classic Dessert Island. However, the numerous resort properties have created lush oceanfront environments that give Aruba the tropical feel that travelers crave.
Aruba offers travelers many activities both at sea and on land including diving, wind surfing, golf, horseback riding, tennis, fishing, underwater tours, casinos and more.
Climate and Weather
Temperatures vary little all year. Average daytime temps (ºF) are in the 70's and 80's that dip into the 60's and 70's at night. January through June is the best time to visit but since Aruba is outside the hurricane belt, fall is fine too.

Aruba Honeymoon Resources
Destination Wedding Information

Civil marriages are allowed in Aruba.

Waiting Period: all documents to be submitted at least one month prior (by courier) to the desired wedding date

  • Apostille documentation from country of citizenship verifying neither party is currently married
  • Civil marriages are performed in the salon of the historic City Hall building in downtown Oranjestad
  • If you are staying at a resort, consult with the manager or wedding coordinator to help you make arrangements to secure your marriage license
  • US $80 during the week; US $200 Saturdays, holidays or after office hours
  • Marriage booklet (certificate) US $20.00 or US $32.00 (price difference is based on better quality of one booklet)
  • Copies of birth certificates with raised seal
  • Proof of divorce or death certificate
  • Must hold a valid passport and submit copies  
Aruba Reviews
by Cynthia Amin last updated on 03/13/2013
Aruba is a perfect honeymoon destination. You will no doubt fall in love with our tropical paradise as you have fallen in love with each other because only the best will do on your special day or honeymoon. Experience the perfect weather. Sunshine, warm...
by Kim Eddy last updated on 03/30/2009
I love Aruba! It’s a very fun island with great nightlife and casinos with Las Vegas type shows. The beaches are beautiful with a little bits of pink sand. The weather is great year-round. The island is out of the hurricane belt so weddings and honeymoons...
I stayed at the Radisson resort in Aruba. The Radisson has one of the best beaches. The rooms are also very nice. If you take a take a taxi downtown it will be expensve, but there is a bus that comes every 10-15 minutes that costs about $2.00. There are...
Below the Belt
by Melissa Gutting last updated on 10/21/2008
One of the things that I found very fascinating about the island of Aruba is it's location. It's one of the Southernmost islands of the Caribbean. It also is below the 'Hurricane Belt' which makes it a perfect destination for traveling...