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British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands - Smugglers Cove, Tortola

British Virgin Islands

In the British Virgin Islands you’ll find white sand beaches, turquoise waters and friendly, warm-hearted people throughout sixty amazingly beautiful islands. The BVI's ancient archipelagos have many natural advantages, from sanctuaries for exotic fauna and flora to fabulous fishing and dive sites. Some have called the British Virgin Islands one of the world’s Top Five Dive Destinations. Others have named it the top shipwreck diving spot on the planet. If you’re not into fishing or diving, you’ll have more time to explore the national parks, historic sites and to enjoy a wide variety of water sports on the BVIs. A honeymoon in paradise awaits you here.

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Among the most frequently visited of the BVI's handful of inhabited islands are Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Beef Island, Anegada, Jost Van Dyke, Peter, Mosquito, and Guana Islands. All of these lilting place names reflect idyllic sites for unwinding, wriggling your toes in the sand, and absorbing the tranquil pleasures of sunshine and sapphire seas.
Comprised of 36 islands in the Caribbean (16 of which are inhabited); about 80 kilometers 960 miles) east of Puerto Rico, north of the Leeward Islands, and adjacent to the U.S. Virgin Islands; principal islands are Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke.

There are numerous options for fun in the BVI. Sailing, parasailing, diving, snorkeling, Caribbean Fly Fishing, and lots of relaxation on the white sand beaches.

Picture yourself on Virgin Gorda swimming through The Baths-a National Park made up of sea pools lying beneath a canopy of giant granite boulders; perfect for snorkeling or a leisure swim. Let your toes melt into Tortola (the largest of the BVI's) or wander through the centuries old ruins of Dungeon or Fort George. Let your taste buds guide you on Josh van Dyke to Happy Laury's Snack Bar or perhaps the Soggy Dollar Bar to experinece one of the most famous drinks in the Caribbean, "The Painkiller." The nature lover in you will love Anegada for it's amazing under water inhabitants; snorkeling and diving here is a must.

Climate and Weather
Lots of beautiful weather with normal daily temperatures in the 80's and overnight temps in the 70's. June through November is hurricane season and rain is more frequent in the fall as well.

Other Important Information
Destination Wedding Information
  • If you and your spouse have never been married before the only paper work you need is your passport. Otherwise you will need the original copy of divorce decree or spouse's death certificate.
  • Residentcy: You need to have been in the B.V.I for at least three (3) business days which means that if you filed your paper work on Tuesday the earliest you could be married is Friday.
  • Marriage tax: You obtain this tax by buying a hundred and ten dollars ($110.00) in stamps. 
  • You will need to put the stamps with your passports and necessary paperwork that you already have to be taken to the Attorney General to be sent for the Governors approval. Your documents are returned to you on your wedding day with the exception of the stamps which they keep.
  • You will also need to have two witnesses to sign at the time you are filling out the proper paper work in the Attorney generals chambers. Paper work usually last about 10 minutes. At this time you should have already chosen the location for your wedding.
  • Complete a form to confirm the date and location of your wedding ceremony with the Registrar and name two witnesses of record for your marriage license. The witnesses may act as your attendants at your wedding to sign the legal documentation.
  • The Registrar of marriages will perform all civil ceremonies. The Registrar fee is $35 for marriages performed in the office and $100 (plus expenses) for marriages performed outside the office. If you reside in the U.S, Canada or Britain your marriage license is enough proof of your marriage but if you are from another country, or in some legal situations an "Apostle" license may be required. In that case you will have to request this while filling our your paper work in the Registrars office and is normally subjected to a $45 fee.
  • On your wedding day the Registrar will meet you at your location, perform the ceremony and return all documents to you.
British Virgin Islands Reviews
Let us share them with you. Everywhere you go in the British Virgin Islands, the true Caribbean awaits you. It is an ocean of great adventure, breathtaking scenery and crystal clear waters. Whether you're throwing out your jib sail and crisscrossing...