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Cape Florida Lighthouse - Key Biscayne


A Florida honeymoon brings you the best of the Caribbean without ever leaving the United States. There are many great beaches, resorts, and activities for the most adventurous or laziest of newlyweds. Golf, fishing and tennis lovers find their passion year-round. Florida is also home to world-renowned attractions such as Disney World Resort, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and the Kennedy Space Center.

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There are many honeymoon destinations in Florida, it's the most popular mainland U.S. destination. You can spend your honeymoon at one of the many theme parks in Orlando, spend some quiet time on Marco Island, or hit the night life in Miami.
Florida is the sunshine state. It's geography is diverse from north to south. Florida's climate has been called the state's most valuable natural resource. Most of the state has a humid subtropical type of climate, but the southern tip of the peninsula has a more tropical climate. The climate attracts millions of tourists and permanent residents who seek sunshine and warmth all year.
After going non-stop at Disney and Universal studios theme parks you can relax on an inland lake in Central Florida. You can also visit the Everglades national park, or enjoy it's amazing beaches with millions of spring breakers at Daytona Beach.
Climate and Weather
Most of Florida has a humid, almost subtropical climate, but the southern tip is absolutely tropical. In the wintertime southern Florida is one of the warmest places in the U.S. In January, temperatures are generally in the lower 70ºs F at Miami and other southern coastal resorts. In northern Florida average January temperatures range in the fifties. Summers are hot throughout the state as you can imagine and ocean breezes make them oddly comfortable.

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  • Age Requirement-18
  • Cost-$93.50*
  • No Waiting Period
  • Valid For 60 Days
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  • Residency- None
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Located in Ponte Verde, Florida south of Jacksonville this is a premier golf resort and has a wonderful spa located on the property. This property has been rated the #1 golf resort in Florida and the 9th best in the U.S. by Travel & Leisure Magazine...
A Honeymoon in Florida
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My favorite part of Florida is the Gulf of Mexico. Strolling along the white sand beaches is like walking on baby powder. You can also just sit on the beach and watch the dolphins. I have been all over this area, from Clearwater beach to Fort Myers and...
Disney World
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If you want a honeymoon trip unlike any other, consider Disney World! It's absolutely true that a visit to the magic kingdom will make you feel like a kid again and the smile on everyone's face can become infectious. There are rides to suit the...
You've grown up going to Disney, but have you ever considered honeymooning there? Disney parks hold lots of memories for us all - as kids, as teens, then as adults. Why not share them with your new family? Walt Disney World has over 20 different...