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Mediterranean cruising

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The Mediterranean includes the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Europe and some of the most romantic in the world. The top honeymoon destinations in the Mediterranean include Spain, France, Italy and Greece. These fabulous honeymoon destinations can be discovered by land based honeymoons, cruise vacations or a combination of both.

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Dine al fresco in the port of Portifino, have breakfast on your private balcony on Santorini, soak up the sun in St. Tropez, explore the Parthenon in Athens, marvel at Michelangelo's statue of David in Florence, late night dining seaside on the Costa del Sol, the intimacy of your private gondola exploring the canals of Venice and history at every turn. These are just a sampling of the opportunities available during your Mediterranean honeymoon. If you are looking for fine dining, culture, beautiful seaside villages, history, romance and a diverse international experience then the countries bordering the Mediterranean are for you.
Most of the countries offer the best of everything with mountains, beautiful beaches, dazzling water and numerous offshore islands.
All of the countries offer a tremendous variety of activities. For adventure lovers there is a wealth of water sports, hiking, biking, skiing and other adventure sports available in almost all of the countries. If you are looking for cultural pursuits you can choose between incredible museums, archaeological sites, renowned opera and theater. Perhaps the ultimate benefit of a Mediterranean honeymoon is the incredible dining. From paella in Spain to truffles in Provence to incredible pastas in Italy to fresh seafood in Greece, the Mediterranean is a gastronomic delight. Of course, each region also has tremendous wines to accompany your meal.
Climate and Weather
Most of the countries are similar in climate to Southern California with mild winters and warm dry summers. The Mediterranean is really a year round destination, but water sports are best enjoyed between June-September.

Destination Wedding Information
Please refer to guidelines for each country.