We've gathered some of the most frequently asked questions we've received and listed them here for your reference.

If you have a question that you don't see answered here, please contact us.

Why would couples use this type of registry?

A honeymoon registry is perfect for couples that already have a home established and don’t need or want the traditional wedding gifts. It’s also a great option for couples that do want the traditional wedding gifts but also want to give their guests another option for gift giving. Plus a honeymoon registry is fun, simple and easy to use from the comfort of your home.

As a couple, how do we get started?

Getting started at The Honeymoon is easy and fun. The simplest way to create a registry is to browse through our QuickClick® registries and select one that fits your honeymoon best. Then click on “Make Mine” at the bottom of the screen. All you need is your email address, then choose a password and you’re done. To confirm your registry, simply follow the steps in the confirmation email we send to you right away.

Read some of the testimonials on our homepage. These are only a fraction of the comments both guests and couples are making.

My honeymoon is the most important trip I've ever planned. What is the best way to go about planning it?

Planning a honeymoon is a big deal. You want to ensure you have the best accommodations, car rental, and travel arrangements your budget will allow. Sometimes it’s hard for the average person to know what a good value is.

Travel has room for all sorts of surprises, which is why we suggest you work with an experienced travel agent. Whether you have your own travel agent or work with one of our affiliated travel agents from our nationwide network, it is important that you work with an agent you trust. All of the agents in our network had to have several years of experience coupled with an expertise in honeymoon planning, destination weddings, or specific destinations (i.e. Thailand, Mexico, etc.).

A travel agent will listen to you, make recommendations and try to find you the best value for your honeymoon budget. Try to get a website to do that!

What if I've already purchased a honeymoon package or already planned a honeymoon trip through a different service?

You can still use The Honeymoon Registry! Simply follow the steps as described above.

How do couples collect their gifts?

Our standard procedure is to send you two checks. The first one you receive will be issued five (5) business days prior to your honeymoon. Any gifts purchased after that will accumulate in your FDIC insured account, which will stay open for an additional thirty (30) days. At that time, your registry will be closed to the public and a final check will be issued to reconcile the gift balance.

These dates are guidelines set in place for your benefit and work for most couples. However, we realize that this schedule does not accommodate all couples' situations and we encourage you to contact us by phone (888-796-7772) or email if you would prefer a customized disbursement schedule.

How do the gifts in my registry get paid for?

It is important to distinguish the difference between the registry and your travel booking, whether it be with an online or traditional travel agent. In the case of cruises and most hotel/resort bookings, a deposit must be made to hold a reservation; and a final payment needs to be made at least sixty (60) days prior to departure. This means that you are ultimately responsible for your honeymoon payment arrangements.

Our registries are a means to help with honeymoon expenses and to offer guests a gift alternative that may be more in step with their own personalities. You may want to have a pedicure and massage while on your honeymoon, but may have stretched your budget just getting to your honeymoon destination. Some guests would prefer to help you get that pedicure, massage, parasailing or romantic dinner; and others are happy getting you a toaster. The important thing is that guests have the choice.

How do I let my guests know about my registry?

We provide a few options for you. First, we have two invitation inserts. The first simply states you have a honeymoon registry at The Honeymoon. The second is an insert that notifies guests that you have a "Wedding Web Page" at The Honeymoon. Some people do not want to put registry information in their invitations, but a wedding web page with all the information pertaining to your wedding and honeymoon, including links to where you are registered, is ok. Lastly we have postcards that can be sent out as bridal shower notifications.

These are notification tools are in the form of templates and can simply be taken to a printer, printed on fine stock and cut. That’s it! You can also send email directly from your registry dashboard to send a quick ‘thanks’ to guests for gifts before you put your formal thank you note in the mail.

How do the guests purchase gifts from my registry?

It’s so easy! All they do is look up your registry by either your or your fiance's last name. Then they select the gift they want to give you. They pay for the gift using a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

Should we still create a gift registry elsewhere?

For most couples getting married for the first time, your wedding guests appreciate that you are trying to make their gift giving more convenient and personal. However, they also greatly appreciate alternatives that allow them to choose a gift that is meaningful to them and sometimes that may mean something more traditional. For couples getting remarried, it may make sense to have just a honeymoon registry.

What can a couple expect in terms of gifts so that they don't overextend themselves?

Due to the nature of our service, there is no standard answer to this question. A successful registry depends on many factors. The more creative and personal with your registry, the more apt your guests are to purchase those items for you. For instance, "Up, up and away" is a much more fun and appealing description than "Airfare." Once you’re registered you can read our Registry Tips for more help.

Is there a cost for the honeymoon registry and wedding web page?

The only cost to you, the bride and groom, is the time you put into creating your honeymoon registry and wedding web page. You can put as much or as little effort into the personalization of your registry as you want, although creating a registry for your honeymoon is both exciting and enjoyable. We do, however, have real costs in delivering this valuable service to you and your wedding guests. There is no set up fee, however we do assess a small service charge that you can either have added onto the gift amount; or deducted from it. Although most couples prefer to have this fee added onto the gift amount, those that choose the other method will be happy to learn that we are the only honeymoon registry that does not recoup credit card fees from your wedding guests by tacking it onto their gift purchase. In addition, most other registries charge a flat percentage of nine to ten percent regardless of the gift amount. We are the only honeymoon registry whose fee gets smaller as the gift purchase gets larger and you still get all of the tools necessary to communicate with wedding guests (invitation and shower inserts, email, and gift purchase notifications for thank you cards along with a printable gift list).

Don't be mislead by other registry services that do not make their fees clear. As the original online honeymoon registry service we have taken the lead in letting you know exactly what the fees are below. Couples have been trusting us with their honeymoon registry gifts since 1999 and we have been involved in the Better Business Bureau's Online Reliability Program since 2001.

See the table below for our current pricing structure.

Gift Total Total
$0.01 - $500.00 7.50%
$500.01 - $1000.00 6.50%
$1000.01+ 5.50%

Please note: there are no hidden fees charged to wedding guests to cover the cost of credit card or merchant systems fees.

How do I know what each guest has purchased?

Once you've created an account, there are a number of features at your disposal: registry creation and editing, a wedding web page, guest notifications, and a registry review. Your “Review Gift” page shows all gifts purchased, when they were purchased, and who purchased the gift. Couples are also notified by email of each purchase. These emails serve as a great way to keep track of gift givers.

Please note, guests do have the option to delay gift notifications sent to couples in order to keep the gift a surprise. Items that are purchased will be marked on the registry immediately, but the purchaser will remain hidden until the date they've specified. Please be assured all notifications will be sent in time to thank guests.