By creating a honeymoon registry online, the wedding couple has given you the opportunity to give a gift that is so unique, it will never wear out and can never be replaced. A gift that is timeless--their honeymoon memories.

At The Honeymoon, wedding guests may purchase elements of the couple's honeymoon as wedding gifts. Because you can view the registry, select, and purchase gifts all online, it's also a great timesaver for you! Couples appreciate getting a unique gift they'll never forget.

How does it work?

The wedding couple purchases a honeymoon trip and then creates their registry at The Honeymoon.

Just like a traditional registry, the couple will ask for "gifts." But these gifts are in the form of activities and other components of their honeymoon!

For example, if their hotel is $100 a night and they're staying for five nights, they might ask for five gifts of $100 to go towards the hotel. Or, they may decide they want to go para-sailing on their honeymoon. If they each wanted to go twice and it was $50 per flight, they may ask for 4 "gifts" of para-sailing at $50 each.

All you have to do is:
  1. Search for the wedding couple by either person's last name. Optionally, you may also specify the wedding date to narrow search results.
  2. View their registry (and their web page, if you'd like).
  3. Choose a gift you'd like to give (and see which gifts have already been fulfilled).
  4. Then, proceed to the checkout. You will be asked for your credit card information, and a small service charge will be added to the total.

You're done! It's that simple. No sales tax, no gift wrap, and no traveling to the mall. No returns and no hassle with receipts - you know the couple is getting exactly what they wanted!

It's convenient, easy, and more fun than a set of steak knives. The couple will also appreciate the memories of your gift for many years to come. Search for the wedding couple to get started.

If you have additional questions about The Honeymoon, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.